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Author Jim Rizzuto covers everything from A-Z about shorefishing in Hawaii: rods, reels, line, hooks, weights, lures, bait, what to wear, where to fish, what to look for, types of fish and different rigging for them, even how to clean them! They're well written (they outta be, he's a teacher at a private academy), well illustrated and downright fun. Not only are the "Fishing Hawaii Style" volumes an absolute necessity for anyone hoping to shore fish on Maui, I believe you will find some tips/tricks that you can apply to your fishing style back home as well.

Odds are you won't find Fishing Hawaii Style at your local bookstore, and they're usually a special order item from Amazon and Borders, so most likely it will cost more and take longer to get to you than if you buy one here.

Volume ONE: This has been out of print for a while, so if you find one on Amazon it's a used, older copy.

Volume TWO offers even more illustrated tips on Hawaii's popular marine fishes and where and how to catch them from shore, blue water trolling and deep sea bottom fishing plus crabbing, shrimping, and trapping lobsters.

Volume THREE finishes up the coverage with extensive treatments of knots, rods and other equipment. At least 200 different types of rigs for spinning and whipping and shore casting can make a big difference in results. There's an extensive section on baits and a batch of lure techniques and manufacturing tips and drawings. Add a major section for trollers and more specifics on trolling, jigging, bottom fishing, outfitting boats, storage and maintenance with a bonus section of fish photography and you have complete coverage of Hawaiian techniques that should work in all tropical and many temperature waters.