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How to make a Sportfishing Reservation

Reserve your charter in advance. It doesn't cost you a nickel to make an advance reservation. Once you submit the form below, I'll contact you and we'll discuss the matter further to be sure the boat you want is the right one for your needs. Only then will I reserve a trip for you.

The boat will most likely request a credit card number in lieu of a deposit, but the card is typically not charged until the day of the charter (I'll let you know if this is not the case). You can change or cancel your reservation with 24 hours notice without paying a penalty. You also have the option to pay with cash, travellers checks, or different credit card the morning of the charter.

I DO NOT take credit card numbers over the internet. When you decide to make a reservation, I can call you for your credit card information, or you can call me at 808-344-3520. If you want me to call you, be sure to include your phone number, time zone and best time to call as I don't want to wake you up in the middle of the night (please don't call ME at 4:00 in the morning either. I can't afford another divorce!)

Can't I wait until I get there? Truth of the matter is, the top guys pay me to make sure that they WON'T be available when you arrive (and I'm pretty good at that!). Hey... you might get lucky and there'll be availability on a top boat, but chances are you'll have to settle for an alternate date or vessel. I do not recommend using a concierge or activities agent. Most know squat about sportfishing and many base their recommendations on the boat which pays them the highest commission. If you insist on waiting until you get here, be sure to write my number down. I'll do what I can for you. :-)


O.K. Get hooked up.

Complete the form below. I'll contact you by email or phone, typically the same day. If you're leaving for Hawaii within the next 24 hours, you should probably call me at 808-344-3520. (Hawaii time is roughly 2-3 hours behind California and 5-6 hours behind the East Coast)

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All information is kept confidential. I won't be sending you repeated emails, and I'd NEVER give your email address to anyone else without asking your permission first. FINALLY, if you have any problems submitting this form, PLEASE let me know so I can verbally abuse my wife who helped me create it. Call me a 808-344-3520, or email me.

Capt. Mike Crawford