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Details on sportfishing, bottom fishing,
trolling, reef and shore fishing off Maui, Hawaii

There are roughly 25 boats on Maui offering deep sea sport fishing charters. Of these, my top recommends include about eleven boats. This doesn't mean that one of the other boats might not be right for you, though there are a few which I do not recommend under any circumstance... but I'm not about to list those on a public forum like the web -- after all, Maui is a small island and I have to live with these folks!

Anyway, if you're coming to Maui and want to go sport fishing you should know what to expect. That's what this site is all about. I want to give you ALL the facts about fishing on Maui so you can choose the charter boat that best fits your needs.

Read on... and remember, I'm always here to answer any questions you might have.

Maui Fishing F.A.Q.

First of all, before you hit the charter boats section of this web site, be sure to look over my Maui Fishing F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions). Most likely your fishing questions will be answered there. If not, email me on Maui. I WILL get back to you.

Top Maui Sportfishing Boats

I list as many of the top Maui sportfishing boats as possible, including where they leave from, what type of vessel, and charter prices -- some have web sites, some don't. Don't blame me. I've tried to tell them to get with it, but things move a little slower on Maui. To get more information and reserve a date for your fishing charter just choose a fishing boat, complete the inquiry form on that vessel's page (if they have one) and you're on your way.

If you're not sure which fishing trip you want, or if there's no additional information, then simply complete our general fishing inquiry form and I'll direct your message to the appropriate vessel on Maui.

Shore and Reef Fishing

"Yes, Virginia, there is some fun shore, beach and reef fishing on Maui!" Can't fit a day of charter boat fishing into your vacation schedule or budget?

Bottom Fishing

If you absolutely have to hook SOMETHING regardless of the size, then consider a bottom fishing trip. This is recommended for the kids -- watching a dozen smaller fish get hauled in is far more exciting for them than watching someone spend over an hour fighting a single fish.

Battle a Marlin. Maui sportfishing boats also fish for mahimahi, ono, wahoo, dorado and dolphin

Miscellaneous B.S.

If you're the type of fishing enthusiast who wants to stack the deck in your favor, then be sure to check out what the moon and tides are doing before you decide on a date to go fishing (not that I really pay much attention to that stuff myself). Seriously though, there's some good stuff in this section. In addition to moon and tide predictors you'll also find harbor maps (for the directionally challenged), info on the big game fishing seasons and typical Maui weather.

Maui Fishing Slideshow

My wife just finished this. If you have about 3 minutes and you like Jimmy Buffet (and fishing) then sit back, relax and click away! Requires Flash plug-in. Oh yeah, don't forget to send us your pictures after your fishing charter!


Books About Maui & Fishing

O.K., so I'm NOT totally altruistic. I like to make a buck just like the next guy. How about buying a book about fishing in Hawaii? There's a couple highly recommended books on shorefishing if you plan on throwing s line in off the beach.



"Be nice! If I wanted flak, I'd call my ex!" I want to hear from you! If you've got more questions before you book, or you just want to tell me how much you've enjoyed this site, be sure to let me know.

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